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Recently Seventh-day Adventist Scholar Ron du Preez authored a book published by Andrews University Press claiming that the Sabbath mentioned "in Colossians 2:16 refers to ancient Jewish ceremonial Sabbaths, and not the weekly Sabbath. Thus, the Seventh-day Sabbath of the Decalogue cannot be regarded as abrogated on the basis of Colossians 2."

The first edition of Sabbath in Christ presented abundant biblical evidence that the Sabbath in Colossians 2 does, indeed, refer to the weekly Sabbath. However, because du Preez' book relies heavily on certain Hebrew structures, Ratzlaff asked Old Testament Professor, Dr. Jerry Gladson who is proficient in Hebrew to write a response to du Preez' work. He consented to do this and has given permission to print his response in this edition of Sabbath in Christ.

Sabbath in Christ is a thorough, inductive, biblical study of the Sabbath, the covenants, the law and the gospel. It is considered by many to be the best readable work on the Sabbath topic in print. It is endorsed by many leading theologians. It is the result of years of study and has helped thousands of transitioning Adventists find the truth on the Sabbath Question.



"I am impressed with the clarity, precision, and thoroughness of Dale Ratzlaff's work, Sabbath in Christ. This book is a much-needed treatment of the Sabbath controversy, written with intelligent passion and full of insight and wisdom. Mr. Ratzlaff shows great care in his handling of the complex biblical, historical, and theological issues. This book will be a great encouragement and help to anyone struggling to understand what Scripture says about the Sabbath." John MacArthur, Ph.D., Senior Pastor, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California

"I have been engaged in a systematic re-study of your book, Sabbath in Christ. It is an absolutely wonderful work. It is a brilliant masterpiece." Thomas C. Nixon, Ph. D. 

"Dale Ratzlaff has done us a real service in providing the best all-around treatment of the Sabbath question to date. His discussion is fair, even-handed, and persuasive. I highly recommend this book to anyone with a question about the Sabbath." Jerry Gladson, Ph.D., Senior Pastor, First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Marietta, Georgia

"Is the Seventh Day Adventist church just another denomination among evangelicals who, for some reason, worship on Saturday? That is what I used to believe. That is what the SDA church would like you to think since they want to be viewed as evangelical, but they are not! Pastoring in a community not far from the Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI, I was introduced to Dale Ratzlaff and his ministry. In reading Dale's book, Sabbath in Christ, I quickly understood that their keeping of the fourth commandment, so fundamental to Adventism, is not based on the truth of God's Word in any way. Dale makes that crystal clear, biblically, theologically and historically. Our true Sabbath is found in Christ alone, and not in the keeping of the Old Covenant sign of the Sabbath given to Israel, nor in the writings of Ellen G. White, the SDA's prophetess. Dale's new edition has been strengthened with the additional appendix by Jerry Gladson on Colossians 2:16 which answers the Adventist's latest attempt to make the Sabbath in this verse the day of Atonement. Read the book, go to God's Word, and let's get our theology straight." Phil Bubar, M.Div., Senior Pastor, The Chapel Evangelical Free Church, St. Joseph, Michigan.

"Sabbath in Christ has my wholehearted recommendation because it is a thorough work characterized by responsible exegesis of the biblical texts, language that the lay person can readily understand and knowledge of and sensitivity to the spiritual lot in life of sabbatarians. Pastors and Bible-study leaders will find the chapter summaries very helpful in preparing handouts in a series on the Sabbath." Rev. Clinton A. Chisholm, Caribbean Graduate School of Theology, Jamaica

I am a pastor in Columbia, SC. I have recently read your book, Sabbath in Christ and wanted to write you a quick email to let you know how it has affected me...I hold a B.S. in Bible and Secondary Education/English from Baptist Bible College in Pennsylvania. Before I started work on my Masters of Divinity I joined a local synagogue to learn the Hebrew language. Years later I enrolled at Southern Evangelical Seminary where I currently study to earn a M.Div. in Biblical Studies/Languages. I am a ferocious reader and this past year alone I have purchased well over 200 books, reading many of them. Your book by far and away was the best book I have read this year and stands atop as one of the best books I have ever read outside of the Bible. Sabbath in Christ challenged me in so many ways and cleared up so many things that I cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am in the Lord Jesus for what you did. If that book impacted no one else, at least know that it got my attention and has opened my eyes and made me look at the Scriptures in a new, Christ-centered way. I have now purchased several copies and am having my interns go through it with me through the course of a semester, and will do so with every new intern that works under me–I believe this book is that important! I always believed that we were no longer bound to keep the Sabbath but never had a good answer. Now, because of your book, I do. I was never able to tell when Paul was using the "Law" to mean the civil, ceremonial, or moral Law; now I know! And I never understood the purpose of the ritual laws, as they seemed so obscure (do not war clothes mixed with wool and linen), but now, because of your work, I do. Thank you so much, brother...I have begun to examine each and every one of the ritual laws with a Christ-centered perspective and have been greatly overjoyed to see how He fulfills them all...As I sit in my study with your book on my desk, I thank God for you and hope your work gets into many hands." Frank Shimkus, M.Div.

2019 Sabbath in Christ eBook in pdf file
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