A Theologian's Journey from Seventh-day Adventism

"This is a must-read eye opener! Dr. Gladson was a Seventh-day Adventist theologian, professor and pastor serving an important role at the central core of Adventist scholarship for many years. Drawing from his meticulously kept journals, Dr. Gladson describes events at the center of the recent crisis in the Adventist chruch. Click on title link or book picture for more information.

Dr. Gladson has done something few other scholars have been able to do. He has combined careful, detailed research with a gripping, narrative style of writing. The reader is forced to crawl under the skin of Dr. Gladson, see through his eyes and feel the trauma of having to choose between career and conscience. One cannot put the book down until finished. This book uncovers the hidden, toxic, core of the Seventh-day Adventist church.

A Theologian's Journey from Seventh-day Adventism
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