My Cup Overflows

Carolyn Ratzlaff grew up in a conservative Seventh-day Adventist home. In the early 1980s the Seventh Day Adventist 1844 Investigative Judgment teaching of the heavenly sanctuary had come into question as well as the plagiarism of Ellen White, Adventism’s “messenger of God. Carolyn and her husband Dale Ratzlaff now had to face some serious questions of their own regarding Adventist doctrine. In My Cup Overflows, Carolyn weaves into this romantic story their search for biblical truth in relation to SDA teaching and reveals how shocked they were at what they found. This led her and Dale into deep heart searching, a crisis of faith and a decision to follow truth regardless of consequences. They took the proverbial "leap of faith" knowing well they might lose house, financial security, and social standing in their large group of friends. It was not an easy road they trod, but the reader will see that at the end of the road, God's promises of care, provision and protection can be trusted even during troubling times.

My Cup Overflows
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