The Christian "in Christ"

The Christian "in Christ"--An Introduction to "in Christ Truth, by David K. Spurbeck Sr. 385 pages. This is a very insightful study describing in detail the believer's position and possessions in Christ. It is a technical study using three key Greek prepositions which in English are: "into", "in", and "together with".

How does a person become a part of the Body of Christ? A human being has no capability on his own to gain admission. A Person of the Godhead, the Holy Spirit, must put him into Christ.

What are the results of being place in Christ? The new believer is given a position and possessions in Christ. These pages survey the teaching of the Bible concerning the benefits provide for the believer in Christ.

How does being in Christ affect relationships with other believers and with Christ, the Head of the Body. These pages survey the Bible teaching of common benefits shared together with other Christians and Christ Himself.

These truths are prictical--divinely practical for the true Christian. The are the basis for all spiritual growth.

The Christian "in Christ"
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